Digital Eye Strain Relief in Saskatoon

Eye Comfort When You Need It Most

We use digital technology for practically every aspect of our lives: from work and school to connecting with grandparents, shopping online, or binge-watching the next big mini-series on Netflix.

However, many of us experience eye discomfort after spending long hours in front of a screen, which can negatively impact how much we enjoy these activities. We can help you find meaningful strategies for making digital device use more comfortable. It all starts with an appointment at Vista Eyecare. Get relief from digital eye strain today!


What Is Digital Eye Strain?

It’s common to experience eye strain at some point. If you’ve ever spent a long time reading, writing, or driving, you may have developed sore, red, or irritated eyes. When this happens while using a digital device, we call it digital eye strain.

Focusing on a task for a long time often makes you blink less, especially if the task requires a lot of concentration. This can cause your eyes to dry out and become irritated or red.

If the object you’re focusing on happens to be within arm’s length, your eyes’ focusing muscles also have to contract so that you see clearly. If these focusing muscles are weak, you may experience blurry vision or even feel muscle strain when you look at your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

How Does Blue Light Play a Role?

Blue light is a common talking point for people wearing, or looking to wear, glasses. But what is it exactly?

Blue light is short-wavelength visible light produced by the sun and also emitted by digital screens. Blue light signals our brain to be awake and alert, which is why many of us are more productive during the day than late at night.

But how does blue light from your screen affect your eyes? Well, as far as your eye comfort is concerned, probably not much. But using a digital device late into the evening can lead to problems sleeping. Blue light-blocking lenses help manage the amount of blue light reaching your eyes, possibly reducing disruption to your circadian rhythm.

Blue light is an important and somewhat complicated topic. Learn more about it in this detailed blog written by Dr. Darren.​​​​

Treatment Options for Digital Eye Strain

Lubricating Eye Drops/Artificial Tears

One of the most common strategies for managing digital eye strain is using lubricating eye drops. However, because there are so many different products available, we recommend speaking to our team before purchasing anything over-the-counter.

The 20-20-20 Rule

The 20-20-20 rule can help you find some eye comfort so you can get back to work on a long project.

Every 20 minutes, spend 20 seconds looking at something about 20 feet (6 metres) away. This gives your eyes a chance to blink, relax, and reset.

Special Eyeglasses With Increased Focusing Power

Adding extra focusing power into the bottom portion of your eyeglass lenses can provide relief from digital eye strain, especially when your focusing muscles are weak. This reduces the demand for those muscles while still allowing you to see clearly.

Lifestyle Changes

There are many other ways to manage your digital eye strain symptoms. Some include:

  • Adjusting your workplace ergonomics

  • Making sure your screen isn’t creating glare

  • Adding a humidifier to your workspace

  • Taking regular breaks to stretch and readjust

  • Mixing up the type of work you do (if you can)