Eye Care Services In Saskatoon, SK

We offer a wide variety of eye care services to the Saskatoon community. Contact us with any questions about our services.

​​​​​​​Adult & Senior Eye Exams

Regular eye exams can be the difference between healthy vision and compromised eyesight. The Canadian Association of Optometrists has outlined a schedule for adult and senior eye exams

​​​​​​​Children's Eye Exams

Eye exams are just as important for children as they are for adults, and we love helping our littlest patients find the eye care they need as early as possible.

​​​​​​​Diabetic Eye Exams

Diabetes is a systemic health condition that affects how your body uses or produces insulin. Insulin is a key hormone that allows glucose to enter your cells.

​​​​​​​Contact Lens Exams & Fittings

Before you can start wearing contact lenses, there are a few things we need to check. Our contact lens exam and fitting process is designed to determine if you can wear contact lenses safely and if you would benefit from specialty lenses for specific eye conditions.

​​​​​​​Digital Eye Strain

We use digital technology for practically every aspect of our lives: from work and school to connecting with grandparents, shopping online, or binge-watching the next big mini-series on Netflix.

​​​​​​​Myopia Management

As a parent, you want to set your child up for success in every possible way. But what can you do about their myopia getting worse year after year? Myopia, or nearsightedness, can do more than make distant objects difficult to discern—it may put your child at risk for serious vision problems later in life.

​​​​​​​Dry Eye Treatment

You probably don’t spend too much time thinking about your eyes until they start to bother you. Dryness, grittiness, or the feeling that something is caught in your eye—all of these sensations can be distracting and put a damper on your day.

​​​​​​​Laser Vision Correction

We offer a comprehensive laser surgery consultation and co-management process. We’ll help you understand what you can expect from laser eye surgery, outline the different procedures available, and tell you which surgery is best for your eyes.

​​​​​​​Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management

The risk of developing an eye disease is different for everyone. However, in nearly all cases, it’s important to detect eye diseases early to prevent or minimize permanent vision loss.

​​​​​​​Emergency Eye Care

If you’re experiencing an eye emergency, please contact our team immediately at 306-518-0483. If your emergency is happening outside of our regular office hours, please visit your nearest emergency room.