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Welcome to Vista Eyecare in Saskatoon, where your eye health and vision are our top priorities. Our thorough approach ensures we address your specific needs with specialized technology and a commitment to long-term eye health. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you not only see clearly but also find eyewear that complements your style.

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Our experienced optometrists and support staff are committed to providing exceptional vision care.
We spend time understanding your needs to ensure you receive the highest level of treatment and leave with confidence in your eye health management.

Dr. Darren Schamber

Dr. Alicia Finch

Dr. Justin Darroch

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Discover a range of services designed to meet your eye care needs.

Contacts and Glasses

Enjoy a personalized shopping experience with our knowledgeable team. We'll help you choose the perfect contacts or glasses that fit your lifestyle, ensuring you see clearly and look great.

Diagnosis and Treatment

We prioritize early detection of issues such as glaucoma, cataracts, and dry eye. Our comprehensive evaluations and effective treatments help prevent vision loss and maintain your eye health.

Vision Correction

Whether you spend hours on screens, play sports, or need better night vision, we offer tailored vision correction solutions. Our options include glasses and contact lenses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and age-related vision changes.

Myopia Management

With the rise in myopia, we offer strategies to slow its progression. Schedule an appointment to discover the best options for your child's eye health.

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