Kids Eye Exams

Eye examinations are just as important for children as they are for adults! In a gentle, fun and patient manner, we will check your child’s vision, focusing abilities, and eye health to make sure they can see clearly, that they have no issues that can affect their vision development, and that their vision is not holding them back in school. 

It’s important to know that children with poor vision rarely complain because they assume that everyone sees the way they do. Also, even if they can see things well at a distance, problems with their eye muscles or focusing can make it difficult for them to concentrate when reading or doing homework. Prior to school age, eye exams are important for detecting things like amblyopia (“lazy eye”) and starting treatment before the problem becomes permanent.

We also know that kids tend to be especially rough on their glasses. For this reason, we carry a great selection of flexible frames and offer the Eye-M-Growing program* that offers kids a free set of new lenses within 16 months of their original order.

Child eye exam depth perception testing

* The Eye-M-Growing program offers a free pair of lenses within 16 months of the original order for any reason. The program is available to children 16 years of age or younger. Some restrictions apply.

Saskatchewan Health covers annual eye examinations for children up until age 18. Click here to book an eye examination for your child(ren) – or here if you’d like to speak with us by phone before doing so. We’d be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about children’s eye exams.