If you have an eye emergency, call us immediately at 306-955-3811. We have special equipment - unlike a walk-in medical clinic - that gives us a close look at your eyes so that we can see what is going on and help you feel better as soon as possible. We can often see you the same day you call.

These emergency visits are often covered by Saskatchewan Health, so make sure to bring your health card with you.

Foreign Body (Something in Your Eye)

If you think you have something in your eye, we can take a look with a high powered microscope (called a slit lamp) and, if there is something that doesn’t belong, safely remove it using specialized tools. If something else is causing the feeling, we can recommend the best treatment.

Eye Injuries

Accidents can happen - even to your eyes. Getting hit in the eye causes eyelid bruising and swelling, but sometimes it also damages the inside of the eye. Scratches on the front of your eye are extremely painful and can require bandage contact lenses to help with comfort and healing and/or antibiotic treatment to prevent infection. We will examine your injured eye from front to back and initiate treatment as necessary.

Conjunctivitis (Red/Pink Eye)

 Most people assume that a red eye is an infected eye – but that’s not always the case. Conjunctivitis simply means that the white part of the eye is inflamed. Many things can cause this including viral infections, bacterial infections, allergies, or even dryness. Our doctors have the equipment and training to determine the underlying cause of your red eye and are licensed to prescribe medication to treat it. If your conjunctivitis is contagious, they will also give you suggestions on how you can prevent spreading it to friends or family.

Flashes of Light or New ‘Floaters’

The sudden appearance of flashes of light or a large new floating spot in your vision can indicate a retinal tear or detachment. Retinal detachments can progress quickly and have a permanent effect on your vision, which is why any kind of flashes or floaters should be checked out immediately. If we discover a retinal tear or detachment, we will arrange an urgent visit to a retina specialist to have it repaired.

Call us at 306-955-3811 to inquire about a same-day emergency eye appointment or click here to schedule a regular eye examination.