With so many options of contact lenses available, it can be hard to decide what you need. Our doctors will prescribe the safest, most comfortable, and easy to wear lenses that are just for you.  

We stock many of the leading brands of contact lenses in our office, meaning that you may not have to wait until your order arrives, you can take them home that day.

With a large selection of daily, biweekly, monthly, and specialty designed contact lenses, we will find the lens that’s right for you. We also offer Air Optix Colors lenses to give your eyes a fresh new look! See what the various colours would look like on your eyes with their virtual try on application https://www.airoptix.com/colors/color-studio.shtml


  • For 1 year after your comprehensive contact lens exam and purchase of contact lenses from Vista, any consultation required with our contact lens technician or optometrist is complimentary. We offer free replacement of torn or damaged lenses and we will exchange your lenses if your contacts aren’t performing properly or your prescription changes. 

We offer competitive pricing as well as rebates exclusively to our patients that online stores cannot.


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