Adult Eye Exams

Eye examinations are as important to your health and wellness as your annual check-up with your family doctor. Coming in every 1-2 years allows us to keep a close eye on your vision (no pun intended), carefully measure your prescription and thoroughly check for potential health problems.

We use a wide array of technology to execute a variety of tests – all of which are included in the cost of your examination. If there are tests you’re uncomfortable having – like the ‘air puff test’ that so many people dislike – please let us know. In many cases, we can use an alternate method to achieve the same result. 

Finally, your eye exam is an opportunity to ask questions and seek personal advice, which is why we offer slightly longer-than-standard appointment times. At Vista, you’ll never feel rushed.

Adult eye exam digital refraction

Click here to book an eye examination or here if you’d like to speak with us by phone before doing so. We’d be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about your eye exam.